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As Your Funeral Director

We perform a unique and indispensable role in society. It is a role part professional, part vocation and part trade. We provide emotional support, expert practical advice and we are always available in your time of need.

Assistance 24 hours a Day. As your Funeral Director, we are here to advise you in making all those arrangements which meet your personal needs and desires. We are here to help you in whatever way we can, to help you cope and adjust to your bereavement.


Providing the services your loved ones deserve, this independent Family Owned Business has been serving the community since 1935.


Memorial Keepsakes

One of our selected partners Love2Donate: In Memory, offer a quality selection of keepsakes within their online shop Footprints And Whispers.

Please take a moment to visit the shop if you are considering a keepsake in memory. A portion of their sales are forwarded to Birmingham Children’s Hospital charity. Please Click Here.