The Death of a Child

The death of a baby or child is always a tragic event – for the parents and their wider family and friends.

We will do everything we can to advise and support the family during this time, and help to provide a fitting tribute to their short life.

If a baby dies at home, the process for certifying and registering the death is the same as for an adult.

If a newborn baby dies in hospital or is stillborn, the hospital may offer a simple funeral service, which will often be held in conjunction with other families who have lost a baby. If you prefer to make your own arrangements for an individual funeral of your choice, you are free to do so with any funeral director.

Most hospitals have bereavement midwives who are specialists in being able to advise parents on the procedures for registering the death or stillbirth of a baby. The process may vary depending on the circumstances surrounding the death. If the hospital is unable to provide specialist bereavement support, please contact us directly so we can help with advice and support.